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Review: Red Paramour Escort Directory

Do you offer touring and Fly Me To You packages? Check out our review of Red Paramour, a high class escort directory for VIP touring escorts and their international clients.

This month, we take a look at Red Paramour, an exclusive gallery for high class touring escorts. This VIP escort directory specializes in escort companion profiles submitted by elite escorts and courtesans from Sydney, London, New York and other major international cities. While there are plenty of dime-a-dozen escort directories out there, its the first time that anyone has focused on touring companions on a classy, top-end scale, so we took them up on the task.


Red Paramour has been around for a while, but have updated their site recently with a major redesign. They offer a solid service, though obviously not in the same league as Eros and Slixa. Still, there is a very strong sense of identity in the site styling and content, which is admirable. They stick to their guns, and don’t just accept any provider – the ones that do get published are escorts of a high calibre.

Definitely a professional alternative to the Backpages of the past, and a huge step up from all the half-baked escort directories that get abandoned suddenly. It’s clear that their stronghold is US/Australia, followed by a following in other major cities like London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc. The majority of members are high class independent escorts, there are very few agency girls at the time of our review.


With a test account in hand, we checked out the features of Red Paramour. The site is easy to navigate, the passion that has gone into the design is evident. 

There are two main categories – female escorts and male escorts. Visitors can search by gender, country, city, ethnicity, etc. You need to create an account, then submit your escort profile to be approved. In terms of fees, they have a semi-yearly subscription system, where standard profiles start from $179 for a half-year membership and can be upgraded to premium profiles at $295/half-year. This is a surprise for a top-class service as they still keep it affordable. We have seen the big players charge from $150 per month simply for a “basic bare-bones profile”, just because they can get away with it.

Another nice touch in Red Paramour is the level of user-friendliness. For instance, you can create and update your profile easily, plus payments are automated through a secure merchant gateway, so your subscription renews itself (we were assured that members have the choice to cancel anytime). A lot of these useful features means you don’t have to go through a webmaster constantly, which is great as your work would probably leave you little time and patience for that. Speaking to the tech team on a sidenote, it seems they also have been partnering up with other affiliated sites to offer discounts across their network. We can’t disclose in details what kind of packages they are working out, but it’s refreshing to know that this will benefit providers in the long run.


In terms of design and aesthetics, Red Paramour is a classy minimalist website that focuses on the user experience. Usually, a website that uses too much red hues can be tacky, but to our surprise, it seems to work well in this instance. Complementing the bold colors with clean lines and vibrant imagery, they have created a sense of luxury and classiness that is visually appealing. Also a big kudos to them for not having any third-party advertisements (you know, those flashy things that are really distracting and annoying). These sort of unwanted ads will only lure your potential clients to some dating site (and cause you to lose business). Not selling out is a good thing – we hope they keep it that way.


It’s obvious that the team at Red Paramour know their target audience well. They are marketing the site (and your services) to a more sophisticated clientele (businessmen and high-powered executives). These are the people who are interested in, and have the means to book international dates. Obviously, this is a great thing as you want to get access to high-quality clients and high-value dates. A win-win business sense like this is great for everyone.

We did notice one caveat though – Red Paramour seems to feature elite escorts and courtesans exclusively, so unless you are the top of your game (or at the very least want to get there), its not going to be for everyone. While you may post on other escort directories and compete against thousands of other profiles, up on Red Paramour it’s an matter of quality over quantity. You will compete with say, less than thirty profiles in your region, but these women and men are true professionals, so you are going want to find a way to differentiate yourself! On the other hand, this can play to your advantage as you want to be seen with the best of the best. It is definitely one strategy to help boost your escort branding.

From what we have seen, these guys are passionate about what they do and Red Paramour has grown quickly to be one of the top ranking niche escort directories. Even though they cater to a specific upscale market, this is a smart move on their part as this allows them to offer something that all the other directories can’t.

What does it all mean for you? As an escort, you might have a set budget each month for advertising purposes, and while you might post mass adverts on low quality sites (Backpage-style sites), it’s not going to help you get to the next level in the long run. You should always try to reinvest a portion of your takings (like any good business), and get a professional website, professional photos, and place your profile on as many places as possible, including specialized directories like this. Anyone can start out as an escort, but it takes business sense to take it to the level of an elite courtesan.

Our Verdict

A unique, classy, and sophisticated escort directory, not unlike a sharp-suited billionaire client who respects and romances you in equal measures. If you have been following our previous articles, we have emphasized the importance of branding and image for an escort. Having a presence on high class galleries like Red Paramour is definitely one way to help you achieve that branding. Even if you don’t tour regularly, this is a great site to consider supplementary advertising in.

PROS: Strong design aesthetics, serves a coveted niche market, ranks well in search engines, very affordable membership
CONS: Caters to high class touring escorts, not for everyone

Website: www.redparamour.com
Email: support@redparamour.com

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