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As an independent escort, it is important to be well informed. Our dedicated escort resource page is here for your reference, and your information. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but simply a starting point to the major directories to be seen in. We have also included our comments and assigned a score to each one of them, according to their general reputation in the industry.

Region: This is the region that the directory operates in. Some directories may be based in US, but still have an international presence.
Rating: This is the rating that our editorial team has assigned to the directory, based on various factors such as design, prominence, and general reputation in the industry.
Cost: This is an approximation of the cost to be listed on the directory. Please note that prices may have changed slightly, and featured spots will be at the higher end of the fee spectrum.


Region: United States
Rating: A-
Cost: From $450+ per month (depending on location and ad type)

The granddaddy of directories in United States, Eros has been around for ages. Regardless of the bad press that they usually cop, this is still the directory that gets a lot of traffic, if you wanted to get a foothold into US clients. Unfortunately, the rates have gone through the roof. Like all companies that have gotten too big, you get the feeling they don’t really care about their clients that much, only the money.


Region: United States
Rating: A+
Cost: From US$90-$400+ per month (depending on location and ad type)

Slixa is the other giant of the escort directories. They are a solid alternative to Eros, or you can advertise on both to increase your exposure. Slixa is also an advocate for sex worker rights, and that’s a plus in our book.

Red Paramour

Region: International
Rating: A+
Cost: US$179 for 6 months, trial profiles available

Red Paramour has a unique focus on touring escorts and Fly Me To You dates. A classy site with low fees – this is a great choice for a supplementary platform to advertise, particularly if you offer touring packages and are looking to reach a more upscale international clientele.


Region: Australia/International
Rating: A+
Cost: From US$39-$95 per month, free profiles available

Tryst is a relative newcomer, born from the post SESTA/FOSTA era. They believe in advocacy and being pro-independent escorts. Though based in Australia, they also have a great presence internationally. If you are just starting out, they also offer free (very basic) profiles.

Scarlet Blue

Region: Australia
Rating: B-
Cost: From AU$110 per month

If you are in Australia, this was once one of the major local directories to be seen in. But be aware that this site has since been acquired by the same entity that took over Eros, and is no longer Australia-owned and operated. Customer service has declined, and it doesn’t have a very good reputation in the industry at the moment.

This page is an ongoing work in progress. Do you have more recommendations to add? Feel free to email us at

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Last modified: 3 February