If you love what we do at The Essential Escort and would like to contribute, we always welcome current or former providers with experiences, opinions and an international perspective on all things related to escorts and sex work.

Writing experience is not necessary, as long as you are proficient in English and have a passion to share what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to submit an idea or article that’s unlike anything else we have ever run!

If you already have your own blog or column, we would love to feature some of your material on The Essential Escort. You can be a one-time guest columnist, or a regular contributor. There is no obligation.

Either way, you will gain valuable publicity through the thousands of visitors that read our articles every month. In your author bio section, you can include a free plug for your service or your website. 

Our Preferred Topics:

  • Tips and advice for those new to escorting
  • Columns with real world anecdotes about escorting
  • Opinion pieces about specific areas of the escorting profession or industry

Ready to send?

Please use the form below to submit an article to our editorial team. You can also email us directly at, if you would like to attach images for your article.

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Last modified: 28 January