The Essential Escort is a non-profit endeavour for the most part. However, we do need to pay for website maintenance and other costs associated with maintaining a news site. While we strive to provide an ad-free experience, we also need to balance it with a small selection of sponsored ads to help keep the website running. These are a limited series of advertising banners, that appear on the side and footer of the site. 

I. Side Banners: 2 Remaining

  • Appears on the sidebar of article categories pages
  • Size 300×300, with an accompanying advertising blurb
  • Only 3 spots available. First come, first served

II. Footer Banner: 1 Available

  • Appears on the footer of every page for maximum exposure
  • Size 468×60
  • Only 1 spot available. First come, first served

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We welcome all sponsorship requests. Please complete the form below about the advertising spot you are interested in.

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Last modified: 28 January