Who Are We?

Welcome to The Essential Escort, we are an online resource established to provide escorts and companions with an all-in-one place for escort-related resources and advice. Sex work is different for everyone, and there are days when you wished you had a mentor, or at least be able to access advice from other providers who have been through the same thing. Our aim is to provide such a place. It is our hope that both new and seasoned escorts will be able to gain valuable insights and benefit from our service. 

What We Do

The Essential Escort aims to help sex workers to be able to easily access advice and resources, by maintaining a repository of articles and advice that providers might find useful in their work. Our focus is usually on advice columns for new escorts, and we also carry opinion pieces about the in-and-outs (no pun intended) of escort work (e.g. finances, advertising, client screening, safety, etc).

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in empowering independent escorts and sex workers.
  • We believe in published content that is inclusive across genders, demographics, and sexual orientation.
  • We believe in shared honesty, so others may better understand sex work and avoid common mistakes. 
  • We believe in positivity and neutrality, by not taking part in personal vendettas or political arguments.

Can I Help?

If you like what we do, please consider submitting writings of your own experiences and advice that could help fellow providers. By doing so, we also help increase your online visibility by linking back to your website or social media profile!

Please check out our Contribute page for more information.


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Last modified: 28 January